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Guided Trial

The Guided Trial is a unique service from The Information Lab Luxembourg to help you learn Tableau and create a Proof of Concept in just 2 weeks. How it works:

  1. Download the trial of Tableau software.
  2. Follow one line training videos or sign-up to Tableau eLearning classes (90 days free eLearning during current Covid19 situation.) Start working on your proof of concept and get acquainted with the platform.
  3. Contact The Information Lab Luxembourg to get 4 hours free support to help you with your Proof of Concept using your own data.

We will answer your questions, guide you on how-to, provide best practice input and help you get the most out of your proof of concept so it is a success.

We are local in Luxembourg, either we visit you in person or via online video conference.

Contact us to initiate the trial:

By Phone: (+352) 691 919 143
By Email: marketing [at] theinformationlab.lu