EU DataViz 2019


EU DataViz 2019 is an international conference taking place on 12 November 2019 in Luxembourg. It addresses for the first time the specific needs of the community engaged in data visualisation for the public sector in Europe, bringing together experts, practitioners and solution seekers.

The conference will offer participants the opportunity to:

  • acquire new knowledge and skills on data visualisation techniques;
  • exchange experience and best practices;
  • showcase data visualisation projects in the public sector and beyond;
  • learn about emerging trends and innovative initiatives.


The conference programme will feature:

  • inspirational plenary speeches;
  • parallel workshops and thematic sessions;
  • exhibition of stands and posters.

The conference will cover a range of aspects, such as data visualisation for communication purposes (data storytelling, infographics), data exploration, as well as tools and best practices.

Target audience

Attending the conference will be over 350 participants dealing with data visualisation for public administrations, namely:

  • staff of EU and national public administrations;
  • researchers and academia;
  • professionals in data visualisation, data journalists and graphic designers.


Program: Click here

Where: European Convention Center – Luxembourg

When: 12 November 2019

Official Website: