Tableau and Alteryx Doctor - Luxembourg November 13, 2018

Tableau & Alteryx Doctor is your opportunity to meet and work with a Tableau and Alteryx expert on any questions or comments that you have about Tableau and Alteryx. Whether it is a general question, such as how to create an extract, or something more specific, such as how to get a calculation to with your view, a Tableau Doctor & Alteryx will work closely with you to get you the information you need.

Within a 30 minute session, you can:

  • learn a new trick about Tableau & Alteryx
  • talk to a Tableau& Alteryx expert about best practices
  • get a solution to the view that you’ve been struggling with

If a Tableau & Alteryx Doctor runs out of time diagnosing your particular Tableau & Alteryx ailment, a support case will be created and the session will be continued with one of our support specialist until its properly resolved. (We take your Tableau & Alteryx health very seriously!)

How do I make an appointment?

Please make your Tableau& Alteryx Doctor appointment on our registration page as appointments are limited and spaces book-up fast. In order for the Tableau & Alteryx Doctors to provide the most helpful service, be sure to bring any relevant files (and / or your Laptop) so we can get you the proper cure that you need.

Where you can find us: Hotel Parc Belair, 111 Avenue du X Septembre, 2551 Luxembourg